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Female Escorted Tours in Thailand

Are you looking to make your journey to Thailand extra special?

A female-escorted tour in Thailand might be just what you need.

With VIP Luxury Services, you can explore the wonders of Thailand alongside a charming and knowledgeable Thai female travel companion.

It’s not just a regular tour – it’s an immersive experience of Thailand cultural and party scene, tailored by our concierge specifically to your interests and preferences.

Thai female guide at a rooftop bar in Bangkok

What We Offer

We work with our own network of freelance tour guides to provide our clients with the level of service they deserve.

Regardless of the type of tour you’re planning, whether it’s a weekend in and around Bangkok or a month-long tour of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, we’ll find the perfect girl to accompany you on your trip.

Contact us to hire female tour guides anywhere in Thailand, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, and more.

What You Can Expect

Our service is about creating memorable experiences.

When you choose a female-escorted tour, you’re not just getting a tour guide.

You’re also getting a female companion who’s there to enrich your journey and give you a taste of Thailand through the eyes of a local.

Our talented female tour guides are more than just pretty faces – they’re knowledgeable about Thai culture and the best local spots to visit.

That includes the incredible nightlife of Thailand, from the best beach clubs in Phuket to the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in Bangkok.

With their guidance, you’ll dive deep into the heart of Thailand, discovering its secrets and hidden gems while enjoying a beautiful trip with a superb Thai female companion.

female escorted tour by a guide in Thailand

Explore Thailand Guided By Our Female Tour Guides

Embark on a journey through Thailand with our Thai female travel companion.

They’re not just guides, but friends who add a personal touch to your adventure.

Navigate bustling markets with ease, delve into the rich history of temples, and experience the vibrant nightlife like a local.

With their local knowledge and friendly company, your journey becomes more than just a tour – it’s an unforgettable Thai experience.

beautiful Thai girls drinking at a bar in Phuket

A Guide That Meets Your Requirements

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your companion, which is why we make sure you’re paired with someone who aligns with your interests and style.

Age, appearance, education, and language spoken (e.g. English, Chinese).

Give us a list of requirements and we’ll do our best to find the right guide for you.

Many of our companions are well-educated, providing intellectually stimulating conversations alongside their cultural insights.

yacht party in Thailand with Thai girls and hot western guys

GF Experience

We can also provide escorted tours by guides that can offer a girlfriend experience.

Your guide and companion will treat you with the care and attentiveness of a girlfriend, providing a deeply personal touch to your journey.

Whether it’s recommending the best places to visit or the tastiest street food, or sharing a romantic dinner, she’ll be there to make your experience feel warm, genuine, and enjoyable.

girl watching the sea in Thailand

A Custom Itinerary To Explore Your Interests

Thailand is a diverse and captivating country with something for everyone.

That’s why you can change our tours to fit what you like.

Whether you’re interested in history, food, nature, adventure, or partying, our concierge will craft an itinerary that matches your passions and interests.

luxury concierge service in Thailand with a women welcoming a wealthy male client

An All-Inclusive Tour

Our female-escorted tours can include everything you want.

This can include incredible accommodations at luxury hotels or resorts, all types of activities, VIP bookings at the best nightclubs, and transportation in luxurious and comfortable vehicles.

We take care of all the logistics so you can focus on enjoying your journey.

If you’re seeking a unique, engaging, and personalized way to explore Thailand, our female-escorted tours in Thailand for foreigners are the perfect choice.

Contact VLS today, and let our concierge create the perfect custom package and tour just for you.

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The cost of a private tour guide in Thailand can vary greatly depending on the length of the tour, the specific services included, and the level of luxury you desire.

Please contact us directly for a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

You can book a private tour guide in Thailand anywhere you want. We can arrange a tour guide to start your escorted female tour guide in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai or else.