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8 Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Bangkok

beautiful golf course in Thailand

Bangkok is one of the top destinations in Asia to play golf.

The city has over 50 golf courses, with a wide range of options, from beginner-friendly to some really challenging ones.

Check out our list of the top 8 below, selected by our head concierge.

And reach out to us to book a custom trip package that includes access to some of the most luxurious golf courses in the city.

The Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC)

a man is playing golf at the royal bangkok sports club in the city

Located within the heart of Bangkok, you’ll find a true oasis of sport and history, the world-famous Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC).

This institution has over a century’s worth of stories and traditions and stands as an icon of exclusivity and elegance.

Its location couldn’t be more ideal as it’s surrounded by some of the city’s most luxurious hotels.

What sets the RBSC apart is its status as Thailand’s most exclusive golf club.

It is a sanctuary for passionate golfers, granting access to only 700 members.

These lucky few are privy to an exceptional golfing experience that seamlessly marries the sport’s rich tradition with the unmatched ambiance of this prestigious club.

large view of the royal sports club golf course

But the golf part isn’t the only attractive thing about the RBSC.

The club is a haven for all sporting enthusiasts, offering over 20 different sports to engage in.

From rugby’s thrilling speed and strategy to the noble tradition of horse riding, the club offers its members an impressive range of activities.

This rich diversity of sports offerings, combined with its unique location and an atmosphere steeped in history, makes the Royal Bangkok Sports Club an unmatched hub of luxury, sport, and exclusivity in the heart of Thailand’s vibrant capital.

Thai Country Club

view of the country club surrounded by the course of thai country club, a golf club near bangkok

If you’re a fan of golf, Thai Country Club is a must-visit.

It’s one of Thailand’s top golf courses and has won heaps of awards for its excellent golf course and amenities.

The course at Thai Country Club is great whether you’re a pro or just starting out.

It’s 6,489 meters long with 18 holes, and it’s been designed in a way that it’s both challenging for skilled players and fun for newbies.

Plus, there’s a cool grass driving range near the clubhouse where you can practice your swings before you hit the course.

After a round of golf, you can head to the locker room to chill out.

There’s a jacuzzi, a steam room, and a sauna where you can relax and ease your muscles.

luxury jacuzzi in the common area of thai country club, a golf club in bangkok

And if you want to bring a piece of the club home with you, the pro shop has a ton of premium golf gear and Thai Country Club merchandise you can choose from.

It’s a great spot to enjoy a game of golf and soak up the luxurious vibes.

Thai Country Club is more than just a golf course, it’s a whole experience.

Nikanti Golf Club

photo of the country club and golf course at nikanti golf course

Nikanti Golf Club is tucked away in the beautiful area of Nakhon Pathom, just a few hours from downtown Bangkok.

The name “Nikanti” comes from the ancient Theravada Buddhist language of Pali, and it means “Attachment to the State of Delightfulness.”

Now, what’s really special about Nikanti is its 18-hole golf course.

Instead of your typical nine-hole sets, it’s divided into three six-hole layouts.

This concept is inspired by the six senses in Buddhism and it adds a whole different dimension to your golfing experience.

Each group of six holes has its own unique look, design, and play style which means you’re in for a treat every time you tee off.

But the fun doesn’t stop on the course.

Nikanti is all about the luxe life.

close view of nikanti golf club country club

They’ve got this really cool fine dining restaurant called Kan, a cigar lounge filled with top-shelf whiskies, and a wine cellar that’s sure to impress even the pickiest wine connoisseur.

After your game, head to the modern clubhouse changing rooms, complete with a jacuzzi and a sauna.

It’s perfect for winding down after a day on the greens.

And, if you’re thinking of hosting a get-together, Nikanti has got you covered with their multi-purpose rooms.

So, whether it’s a day out golfing or a big event, Nikanti Golf Club promises an unforgettable experience.

It’s the place to be for a great game of golf, some relaxation, and a lot of fun.

Alpine Golf & Sports Club

big lake and trees at alpine golf sports club near bangkok

If you’re looking for a unique golfing experience, look no further than the Alpine Golf & Sports Club.

This place was a flat rice paddy field transformed into a lush, mountainous golf course.

All thanks to the genius of Ron M. Garl, a multi-awarded architect.

He had a vision of creating a hilly golf course with fresh air, pretty lakes, and trees everywhere.

The course stretches a whopping 6,492 meters and offers a challenging play with a par of 72.

Every hole is a new adventure and a test of your golfing skills.

large lake and vast sand obstacle at alpine golf sports club near bangkok

It’s no wonder that Alpine is considered one of Thailand’s best golf clubs.

But the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve packed up your clubs.

The club has some sweet dining options for you to refuel after your game.

There’s a sauna where you can relax and let the heat melt away the stress of those tricky holes.

So, whether you’re a pro golfer or just looking for a good time, Alpine Golf & Sports Club has got you covered.

Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club

view of the golf course at royal bang pa in golf course

The Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club is the new kid on the block in Thailand’s golf scene, but it’s already having a ton of success.

It’s a 5-star golfing haven with 18 holes surrounded by shimmering water and some seriously pretty nature.

Here’s the best part, the club features an amazing landscape designed by Schmidt-Curley Inc., one of the top golf course architects on the planet.

They gave the course a cool 7-meter elevation change that’s rare in this part of Bangkok.

The course uses champion grass to keep the greens nice and smooth, making your ball roll just right.

That’s why the Royal Bang Pa-In Club limits the number of players and spaces out the tee-time intervals.

water obstacles at royal bang pa in golf club near bangkok

This gives you a more relaxed and private golfing experience.

You won’t have to worry about rushing your swing here!

But what really sets this club apart is their commitment to ‘royal’ service.

They roll out the red carpet for their customers, treating every player like royalty.

So, if you’re looking for an excellent golfing experience, the Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club is where it’s at.

Siam Country Club Bangkok

view of siam country club golf course showing a lake, and sand

Get ready to tee off at the Siam Country Club Bangkok, the latest addition to the Siam Country Club family.

This championship golf course has a full 18 holes spread across a hefty 6,629 meters. 

This golf club is absolutely massive.

What sets this course apart is its unique design.

It’s got this nice, soft rolling slope and only four water holes.

This means you’re in for a great mix of challenge and fun.

You’ll have a few tricky parts to keep you on your toes, but it’s all part of the golfing experience.

view of siam country club bangkok course with sand and trees

Now, let’s talk about the clubhouse.

This place is fantastic!

It’s the perfect spot to chill out after a day on the greens.

Plus, the course itself is super well-maintained.

You can tell they put a lot of love and attention into keeping the place looking sharp.

So, if you’re looking for a golfing experience that’s as fun as it is challenging, then the Siam Country Club Bangkok is a sure bet.

Ballyshear Golf Links (Ban Rakat Club)

view of golf course at ballyshear golf links ban rakat club

Get ready for an exclusive golfing experience at the Ballyshear Golf Links, also known as the Ban Rakat Club (BRC).

This place is a members-only course and is the first of its kind in Thailand.

The world-renowned architect Gil Hanse was the genius behind the design of this course.

He crafted an 18-hole, vintage-style course with huge water areas, undulating greens, and even some blind shots to keep things exciting.

It’s a treat for any golf lover!

tall grass at ballyshear golf links ban rakat club

But it’s not just about the golf here.

The clubhouse is ultra-modern, a perfect contrast to the vintage golf course.

Plus, there are future plans to add a hotel right next door, along with a state-of-the-art practice facility.

So, there’s always something to look forward to!

When you’re done golfing, you can wind down at one of their restaurants or just take it easy in the sauna.

All in all, Ballyshear Golf Links promises a world-class golfing experience that you won’t forget.

Flora Ville Golf & Country Club

close view of country club at flora ville golf club near bangkok

Experience an extraordinary round of golf at Flora Ville Golf & Country Club.

Established in 1998 in Patum Thani, Flora Ville has been delivering top-tier golf and dining services to its members and guests.

The course’s layout emphasizes enjoyment and strategy, featuring a delightful mix of lakes, bunkers, and mounds that test every golfer’s skill.

This golf course surrounded by natural beauty provides a thrilling challenge and a fantastic view as you play your way through all 18 holes.

The modern clubhouse perfectly complements the natural surroundings, featuring lavish amenities that cater to all your needs.

a large lake in golf course at flora ville golf country club

You’ll find luxurious changing rooms, a pro shop stocked with top-of-the-line gear, and a restaurant that serves delicious dishes.

Plus, there’s a bar and kitchen that provides a relaxed dining menu.

From the clubhouse, you can enjoy the spectacular green views, making your time at Flora Ville Golf & Country Club a memorable experience.

Whether you’re a golf aficionado or just starting out, Flora Ville Golf & Country Club is a premier destination that delivers a high-quality golfing experience.

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What is the most exclusive golf course in Bangkok?

The most exclusive golf courses in Bangkok are Alpine Golf & Sports Club and Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club.

What is the most expensive golf course in Bangkok?

The most expensive golf courses in Bangkok are the Thai Country Club and Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club.

Which golf courses in Bangkok are for members only?

Ballyshear Golf Links (Ban Rakat Club) and The Royal Bangkok Sports Club are two golf courses in Bangkok that are for members only.

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